Jan Zástěra: Oratorium “Nádech věčnosti” (Breath of Eternity) about St. Ludmila. Symphonic orchestra. Choir. Four soloists.

In summer this year we were working on a recording of big composition “Nádech věčnosti” from Jan Zástěra. The oratorium is about the life and death of St. Ludmila. It was a challange – big symphonic orchestra, choir, four soloists and many things to overcome. One of the soloists got ill and his part had to be recorded separately, but the sound had to be the same to fit into the sound image. The main narrator, world-famous artist Soňa Červená unfortunatelly died before she could record her part. We had to find some material from the rehearsals that was recorded on a hand-held recorder and adapt the audio to the existing recording. But…nothing we coudn’t handle! The recording is about to be released by Radioservis. Will keep you informed!

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