Pavel Kunčar

sound engineer & recording producer

I am a sound engineer and recording producer based in the Czech Republic. I concentrate mainly on the area of „classical“ or „artificial“ music and I also have plenty of experience with folk music, rock music, jazz, alternative music and other genres. I can take care of your recording from the very beginning to the final master ready to be published. "My aim is to capture the sound on the spot as well as possible to have a solid base for further work."

About me

MgA. Pavel Kunčar

I have studied sound engineering and music production at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. Since I finished school I have worked as a freelance sound engineer and recording producer and helped to create a lot of recordings with the best Czech and foreign musicians.

Sound engineer

I can work with you on a wide range of projects – from small demo recordings to large sessions with a symphonic orchestra. I am used to working in recording studios, in concert halls, in churches or anywhere your music is performed. It goes without saying that I only use world-class equipment such as Schoeps, DPA, AKG, Neumann, RME etc.

Together with StarRecordings Production company we can easily arrange live orchestral recording sessions with the musicians hand-picked from the best symphonic orchestras in the Czech Republic, choose the best place for your music, mix and master the recording. 

Recording producer

I am used to leading big and complicated orchestral recording sessions as well as simpler ensemble or solo sessions. I have plenty of experience with contemporary music and all other music genres. I always lead the session with close cooperation with the interpreter to be sure it matches his/her favorite style of work and he/she can concentrate solely on the music. I can lead the session in Czech, English or in both languages.


I regularly work with Czech orchestras and ensembles such as Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava, The Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra Pardubice, Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra Olomouc, Czech Ensemble Baroque, Prague Castle Guard and Czech Police Band, Ensemble Damian, Sedlacek Quartet and many other well-known Czech ensembles and soloists. I closely cooperate with local and foreign recording companies such as StarRecording Production (CZ), Supraphon (CZ), PARMA Recordings (USA) or Brilliant Classics (NL).

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Sound recordings I worked on

15. 6. 2023After successful recordings of Dvorak with Petr Nouzovsky, we continued with more recording sessions in Pardubice, this time with Chopin, wonderful pianist Ekaterina Litvintseva and amazing conductor Vahan Mardirossian. We managed to record all Chopin music for piano and orchestra. First CD is already released by Brilliant Classics and the second one is just about to be out. [...]
1. 6. 2023During the summer 2022 we recorded two flute concertos with wonderful flautist Krzysztof Kaczka, great conductor Felipe Tristan and amazing Janacek Philharmonic Ostrava. The CD is now published by hänssler CLASSIC and I can only recommend to listen. You can also find it on Apple music or Spotify or watch the video from the recording session. [...]
10. 1. 2023Just after Christmas we were asked to take care the sound mixing for the broadcast of a live concert. The performer – biggest christian choir and orchestra in Brno – was celebrating an anniversary and the show was broadcasted on a television. We completely secured the sound for the broadcast as you can hear in the following video: [...]
7. 11. 2022Recording of Snorre Tidemand music in Besední dům Brno with exceptional musicians from all over the country under StarRecording Production. Foto: Daniel Schulz Foto: Daniel Schulz Foto: Daniel Schulz [...]
1. 8. 2022A new CD with Christmas music from Jan Vičar was released unusually in summer 2022. The CD contains three Christmas cantatas recorded by Janacek Pilharmonics Ostrava, Moravian Phlharmonics Olomouc and three children choirs, Permoník, Jitřenka and Campanella. Solo – Filip Bandžak. You can buy the CD HERE. [...]


MgA. Pavel Kunčar
sound engineer & recording director

Telephone: +420 774 213 014